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Designed specifically for neonatal and pediatric intensive care needs

TCM CombiM monitor

Monitor tcpO2 and tcpCO2 with unique, reliable sensor technology

The TCM CombiM system is ideal for monitoring neonatal and pediatric patients. It provides continuous, reliable, non-invasive and real-time transcutaneous pO2 and pCO2  information and comes with a range of high performing sensors.

The differentiating feature of the TCM CombiM system is the pO2 measurement, a crucial parameter when monitoring patients in neonatal intensive care to avoid the risk of hyperoxia and severe complications, such as retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

The TCM CombiM system combines an enhanced ready-to-use function with a unique gold-plated sensor technology in the tc Sensor 84 and tc Sensor 54. Radiometer’s gold-plated sensor membrane protection reduces the risk of mechanical damage to the sensor. The sensors offer high reliability of results even after prolonged usage, and only require remembraning every second week, freeing up valuable time for caregivers.

Real-time trending of measured parameters is displayed on the TCM CombiM monitor, ensuring fast and immediate clinical intervention to critical changes.

The TCM CombiM monitor utilizes various communication protocols to interface with patient monitoring systems and PCs. Through its SmartCal function it is always ready to use, offering stable measurements at any time with no wait for calibration.

On-board video tutorials make it easy to train staff in how to use the TCM CombiM monitor, and the tutorial sessions can be reviewed at any time.


Explore the world of transcutaneous monitoring through e-learning

Get more knowledge and insight on transcutaneous monitoring in the NICU and PICU and learn about the clinical benefits of TCM.

E-learning course created by COR2ED, a medical education agency, and supported by us.

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