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HemoCue® WBC System

From assessment to treatment faster

The HemoCue® WBC System provides quantitative determination of white blood cell (WBC) count in capillary or venous whole blood.

The HemoCue® WBC analyzer is only to be used with HemoCue® WBC microcuvettes, intended for In Vitro Diagnostic use. The instrument is factory calibrated and needs no further calibration.
The HemoCue® WBC System is a point-of-care device that provides quantitative results of a patient’s white blood cell count in about three minutes. This will assist the physician in evaluating a patient’s condition, while the patient is still in the office.

Based on HemoCue’s proven, reliable microcuvette technology, the HemoCue WBC System brings you the unique benefit of determining total white blood cell counts right at the point of care. In just three minutes, you have results with the same precision and accuracy as those from a central laboratory.

Fitting seamlessly into a variety of clinical applications and even remote field clinics, the benefits are clear.

Immediate WBC counts can mean the difference between waiting and taking action at the point of care — helping you move from assessment to treatment within minutes rather than hours or days.

Answers right when you need them

  • Lab-accurate results in minutes
  • Faster treatment decisions and streamlined workflow
  • Easy to use by non-laboratory personnel after a brief training
  • Capillary or venous samples

Accuracy for confident decisions

  • Factory calibration with no further calibration needed
  • Unique software for internal QC
  • Blood-based liquid controls available

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