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Discover Radiometer’s new transcutaneous monitoring solutions at the ERS International Congress

EXHIBITION // Stop by booth no. K.20 at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2016 in London, September 3-7 and meet the next generation of transcutaneous monitors

August 31, 2016

Smart, intuitive, reliable. With a sleek appearance, intuitive color touchscreen interface and clear visual display, the brand new TCM5 transcutaneous monitor has been designed with the end user in mind, offering continuous, non-invasive monitoring of tcpO2, tcpCO2 as well as Masimo SET® SpO2, perfusion index and pulse rate in real time.

The unique gold-plated sensors automatically recalibrate when placed in the calibration chamber, enabling highly reliable measurements even with prolonged use, and on-board interactive tutorials minimize training requirements.

TCM5 FLEX monitor

Specially designed for sensitive patients like neonates, the new TCM5 FLEX transcutaneous monitor focuses on patient comfort, easy user operation and smart technology. Provides accurate and continuous measurement of oxygenation and ventilation status of neonatal and pediatric patients, adult ICU patients as well as patients undergoing non-invasive ventilation.

TCM5 BASIC monitor

With a dedicated sleep mode, the new TCM5 BASIC transcutaneous monitor operates in complete silence and with an optional dark screen, ensuring undisturbed recording of patients suffering from sleep or breathing disorders. Records ventilation and oxygenation status in respiratory care and sleep diagnostics.

Get a full clinical picture of your patient’s status with combined solutions
Radiometer’s ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyzer provides high analytical performance in the measurement of 17 critical parameters. Its advanced features make the analyzer ideal for ICUs, NICUs and other departments that require fast, reliable results from a very small sample volume.

Moreover, with HemoCue’s medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing, you can perform common blood and urine tests with lab-quality results at the point of care – fast and easy.

What to expect from the ERS International Congress 2016

The ERS International Congress is the largest meeting in the world in the respiratory field with the overall goal of improving respiratory health on a global scale.

The scientific program of the congress contains the best in science and educational sessions from distinguished researchers from across the globe and will cover key topics in respiratory medicine from across the spectrum of disease areas including TB, lung cancer, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and asthma.

Stop by booth no. K.20 at the upcoming ERS annual congress in London, England on September 3-7 and experience live demos of Radiometer’s new transcutaneous monitoring solutions along with the ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer and HemoCue medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing.

Learn more about the TCM5 FLEX transcutaneous monitor

Learn more about the TCM5 BASIC transcutaneous monitor
Learn more about the ABL90 FLEX PLUS blood gas analyzer
Learn more about HemoCue medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing
Learn more about and register for the ERS International Congress 2016

About Radiometer

Radiometer develops, manufactures and markets solutions for blood sampling, blood gas analysis, transcutaneous monitoring, immunoassay testing and related IT management systems. Radiometer’s products and services simplify and automate all phases of acute care testing, so hospitals can get fast results, optimize their workload, reduce the risk of errors and improve cost effectiveness.

HemoCue is part of the Radiometer Group and develops, produces and markets medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing within hematology as well as diabetes.

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