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History and milestones

Radiometer has been providing innovative solutions since 1935

In 1935, the two engineers, Børge Aagaard Nielsen and Carl Schrøder, founded the company, Radiometer, to develop measuring devices for the growing Danish radio industry.

A few years later, Radiometer was contacted by the Carlsberg laboratories and asked to develop an analytical device for the detection of the acid-base (pH) level in liquids. This soon resulted in the first commercially available pH meter. 

In 1952, as the polio epidemic swept across Europe, many children were at risk of respiratory failure. The head of laboratory, professor Poul Astrup, and anesthesiologist Bjørn Ibsen discovered the right diagnosis by measuring the pH value in blood using Radiometer’s pH meters.

This ground-breaking discovery soon formed the basis for Radiometer’s entry into medical technology and further innovations within acute care testing. 

Radiometer remains committed to being a leader in acute care testing technology.

Our product innovations

Radiometer AstrupABL1TCM400ABL500ABL800 FLEXAQT90 FLEXABL90 FLEX 


  Astrup - Invention of the first commercially available blood gas analyzer

1973   ABL1 - World’s first automated blood gas analyzer

1989   ABL500 - World’s first combined blood gas and CO-oximeter analyzer

1998   ABL700 - World’s first blood gas analyzer with bilirubin and automated quality control

1999   RADIANCE - STAT data and analyzer management system

2001   TCM400 - First multichannel transcutaneous oxygen monitoring system

2004   NPT7 - Cassette-based analyzer based on breakthrough dry optical technology

2004   ABL800 FLEX analyzer - Automated benchtop blood gas analyzer with superior analytical performance

2005   1st Automatic - World’s first automatic blood gas system, simplifying the process from test order to reported results

2008   AQT90 FLEX analyzer - Compact immunoassay analyzer offering lab-quality results for cardiac markers in 20 minutes

2009   ABL90 FLEX analyzer - Next-generation cassette-based analyzer with 17 parameters in 35 seconds

2012   AQURE - Open, smart, integrated point-of-care management system

2015   ABL90 FLEX PLUS analyzer - High-volume cassette-based analyzer measuring 17 critical parameters from a sample as small as 45 µL

2016   TCM5 FLEX monitor – Next-generation transcutaneous monitor providing accurate and continuous measurement of oxygenation and ventilation status in critical care patients.



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