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Point-of-care analyzer - deliver lab quality results at the POC

Stay near your critically ill patient, while the point-of-care analyzer quickly delivers your test result 

With a point-of-care analysis, you can focus on patient care instead of spending critical time on waiting for test results from the lab. This means a better patient flow in the hospital, as patients can be triaged, diagnosed and treated earlier.

Why you should choose Radiometer´s point-of-care analyzer solutions

Radiometer is a world-wide leading provider of acute care testing technology and offers a broad selection of point-of-care analyzers targeted at the individual hospital´s need. 

Radiometer´s point-of-care analyzers all focus on short turnaround-time (TAT) and are intuitive to use, offer automated functions for sample preparation, mixing and measuring, patient-sample match at the bedside as well as data transfer to the HIS/LIS, minimizing the risk of both preanalytical and patient mix-up errors while saving you the time from manual tasks. 

  • Pioneers in blood gas testing with over 80 years of experience
  • Over 35 point-of-care analyzer products within blood gas analysis, blood sampling, immunoassay testing and associated IT management systems
  • Point-of-care analyzer products in more than 100 countries
  • Lab quality delivered at the point of care 
  • Lifetime customer support and training

Find out more about the Radiometer point-of-care analyzer solutions for your hospital's need:

Blood gas point-of-care analyzers


Immunoassay point-of-care analyzer


Point-of-care IT management systems


Hematology and diabetes point-of-care analyzers

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