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Pre-barcoded to ensure correct patient identification every time

safePICO syringe

Maximize patient and operator safety with our premium solution for arterial blood gas sampling

Single-handed needle removal cuts the risk of needlestick injury

At Radiometer, we believe that safety of caregivers should be a top priority in all phases of acute care testing. The integrated needle shield device on our safePICO self-fill syringes allows single-handed needle removal, lowering the risk of needlestick injury.

Our safeTIPCAP limits the risk of blood contact

The unique design of our vented safeTIPCAP allows safe and easy expelling of air bubbles. It completely seals the sample to prevent contact with patient blood, even during transport. And the cap stays on during analysis.

Fast mixing with heparin to prevent sample clotting

All safePICO syringes have a built-in mixing ball, ensuring fast and thorough mixing of the sample. They also contain our unique dry electrolyte-balanced heparin, efficiently dispersed throughout the sample to prevent clots.

Prebarcoded for to ensure proper patient match

Radiometer’s safePICO syringes are prebarcoded to ensure correct patient identification every time. With Radiometer’s data management system, FLEXLINK, you can scan the sample directly at the bedside and link it together with operator and patient IDs. This gives you confidence that you have the right result for the right patient – every time.

Radiometer offers a palette of syringes dedicated for sample collection from an arterial line or through arterial puncture:

  • safePICO aspirator for arterial line sampling.
  • safePICO self-fill syringe with a wide range of thin-wall, short-beveled needles which secure a smooth puncture and fast filling, keeping patient discomfort to a minimum.

To combine analyzer and data management, consider our 1st Automatic solution.

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1st Automatic

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