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Prevents clots from forming in the sample and minimizes bias on all electrolytes

PICO syringe

Get results you can trust from arterial blood gas sampling

Reliable results with our uniquely-formulated heparin

Our PICO syringes help you deliver a blood sample with high analytical quality.  This is because they contain Radiometer’s uniquely formulated dry, electrolyte-balanced heparin.  It prevents clots from forming in the sample and minimizes bias on all electrolytes.

Reduced risk of blood spillage with TIPCAP

PICO50 and PICO70 syringes are available with our unique TIPCAP. The TIPCAP attaches securely to the syringe to reduce the risk of blood spillage during transport. The standard TIPCAP is designed with air channels that prevent air from entering into the blood sample as the syringe is being sealed.

Radiometer offers a palette of syringes for arterial line sample collection or arterial puncture:

  • PICO50 aspirator syringes are available with a standard luer tip, allowing the syringes to be attached to the arterial catheder/line.
  • PICO70 self-fill syringes are available with a range of thin-wall, short-beveled needles, securing a smooth arterial puncture and fast filling, keeping patient discomfort to a minimum.

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