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Automatic QC

Save time and improve the quality of your measurements

Most of Radiometer’s analyzers have automatic QC (quality control). This reduces the risk of errors, saves valuable time and provides laboratory staff with a powerful set of tools to establish and verify accurate and precise analyzer performance, securing compliance at all times.

ABL blood gas analyzers

The ABL series of blood gas analyzers automatically perform QC, check the analytical system, initiate necessary corrective actions and document all activities.

Everything from inlet to waste is controlled in this process, and assessed across QC lot changes via QC data logs, QC statistics and Levey-Jennings plots.

QC measurements are automatically evaluated against calibration status, analyzer malfunctions and QC control ranges, and given a status to provide the operator with an overall analyzer parameter status.

If a QC result is outside the control range, the analyzer can repeat the QC measurement automatically while attempting to remedy the situation. The parameter can also be automatically locked out, requiring operator intervention.

AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer is programmed to automatically perform three types of checks. Each check is performed with a relevant frequency to establish and verify accurate and precise analyzer performance.

The environmental check ensures that the analyzer is ready for testing, and that consumables have not expired. If an environmental check fails you will not be able to start a test.

The process check makes certain that errors have not occurred during each and every testing process. If a process check fails you will not get a result.

The pre-analysis check ensures that only tests compatible with the chosen anticoagulant can be selected.

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