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Patient care

Spend less time on testing and more on patient care

The clinician's time is best used delivering patient care... not doing testing.

That’s why we make it our job to minimize the time-consuming aspects associated with testing at the point of care.

This includes providing solutions that are not only intuitive to use, but also offer automated functions for sample preparation, mixing and measuring, patient-sample match at the bedside and data transfer to the LIS, so you don’t have to spend time doing it manually.

Cassette-based blood gas analyzers that feature easy replacements ensure you spend most of your time by the patient – not doing analyzer maintenance.

Consider this

“As a caregiver, I want to spend as little time as possible on testing and as much as possible on my patients. With the ABL90 FLEX blood gas analyzer, I can do that. It gives me more time for patient care.”

Annette Larsen, ICU nurse Furesø Hospital, Denmark

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