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Delivering results quickly, while maintaining compliance

A point-of-care data management system supports compliance and accreditation requirements

In today’s healthcare environment, a central lab of a hospital has to manage their regulatory needs and their staff competencies—all while ensuring that they meet the demands of the hospital. Providing reliable results and optimizing quality assurance and efficiency are critical. 

Dr. Laurence Burc-Struxiano and her team at the Chartres Hospital central lab are experiencing this situation. They aim to meet the needs of hospital departments fast. They also need to ensure the reliability of results.

Being a central lab for a multitude of hospital departments at two hospitals that are quite far from each other requires Dr. Burc-Struxiano’s lab to implement a new set-up. Remote hospitals waiting for test results for a long time is inefficient. 

How can a central lab deliver results fast while ensuring compliance?

Watch the video and see how Dr. Burc-Struxiano and her team have implemented point-of-care testing at both hospitals and how a point-of-care data management system helps maintains compliance. 

Dr. Burc-Struxiano has implemented point-of-care testing for blood gas and biomarkers all connected to the same data management system. This helps remote hospitals get results quicker than if the results were sent to the lab. Moreover, the POC data management system supports the central lab in meeting regulatory requirements.  

The Radiometer solution also allows us to meet the French requirements, particularly in regards to accreditation. It allows us to ensure that results are always reliable.

- Dr. Burc-Struxiano

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