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Transcutaneous monitoring

Noninvasive, real-time and continuous patient ventilation and oxygenation monitoring

TC is an innovative and highly-accurate technology that provides continuous, non-invasive monitoring. Its power and appeal derive from a simple principle: Through a non-invasive sensor applied to the body, blood gases diffusing through the skin can be detected and estimated.

Radiometer offers you a complete range of TC solutions that encompass many parameters, such as tcpCO2, SpO2, tcpO2, Pulse Rate.

Our TC solutions accurately match the patient’s current status. This allows you to take immediate action when needed. As a result patient safety and comfort are improved.

TC is excellent for use as a trending tool to non-invasively monitor oxygenation (tcpO2) and ventilation (tcpCO2) status. What you receive is vital real-time information.

For example, any changes in oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide washout, transport and release are reflected by tcpO2 and tcpCO2 values. Thus, it’s ideal for neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to monitor pre-term babies or in sleep laboratories to track and diagnose sleep disorders. It’s also extremely well suited for:

Respiratory care
Intensive care units (ICU)

In addition, TC is a valuable diagnostic tool when assessing:

• Critical limb ischemia 


• Wound care treatment 

• Optimal amputation level


• Post-surgery wound healing evaluation

• Free flap survival


Hyperbaric oxygenation treatment

AQURE TC ResQ Software - One-click Diagnosis

Quick, easy access to data for post-measurement analysis is central to using TC monitors. That’s why Radiometer developed AQURE TC ResQ — a new leading-edge software solution that helps you interpret ventilation and oxygenation status.


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